About Alene

A little bit about me .............I began sewing in my early childhood years and carried the talent on to my adulthood where I made my sons' clothing. In 1996, my son and daughter-in- law bought a quilting pattern for me, and my son said that my dad might receive the quilt in 10 years! I accepted his implied challenge and ended up making two quilts!!!

Over the past 11 years, I have made almost a hundred quilts keeping only a few for my family. I derive most of my satisfaction from designing and creating quilts for other people.

In 2001, I purchased a Gammill Long-Arm quilting machine and I've never been happier. With the help of my son, D.J., I now have this wonderful venue to sell my quilts. Please feel free to browse around and see if any of my creations touch your heart.

Before you start browsing, I'd like to share one very touching quilting story with you. A few years ago, I was contacted by a father who had lost his wife during her delivery of their third child. He had two young sons, who also lost a mother. He asked me if I would make a "memory" quilt for each of the boys comprised of their mother's t-shirts, sweaters, and other sentimental fabrics. I did, going so far as to incorporate the sleeves of her sweater into the quilt resembling her arms embracing the quilt. The father contacted me after receiving the quilts and confided that one of the boys began to open up and express his feelings over the loss of his mother. The father believed that this was a direct result of my quilt. It goes without saying that this was the most heartfelt "thank you" I could have ever hoped to receive.