Quilts by Alene Wolfe

  • rail-on-fence
    Baby Quilt
    Baby Quilt Rail fence on point in primary colors and elephant borders. Machine quilted with cotton candy pattern.
  • Garden
    In the garden trelis
    In the garden trelis in Moda Fabrics. 53.5" x 64.5" Straight line machine quilted.
  • Roses
    Roses in Moda Fabric in pinks and reds. Machine quilted with double flowers with warm and natural batting. 59" x 75.5"
  • Snowman
    Snowman at Night
    Snowman dressed warmly during a starry night with a dark red border and cardinal.
  • Stars
    Stars set in pinks and purples. Can be used as a small wall hanging or on a table. 26" x 26" Tied
  • 30-Something
    Thirty Something
    Thirty something quilt pattern done in yellow and black and whites. Tied 43" x 43"
  • Pastels
    Trip Around the World
    Trip around the world pattern done in shades of peach and turquise. This is machine quilted with a double flower pattern. Quilt measures 60.5" x 76".
  • Green
    Trip Around the World - Green
    Trip around the world. Quilt is made in greens and blues. It is machine quilted in chantilly lace pattern. Quilt measures 39" x 39".
  • Yellow Brick
    Yellow Brick Road
    Red and White. Machine quilted with stars and loops. 46.5" x 62.5"
  • Bug Jar Quilt
    Bug Jar Quilt
    This is a very interesting quilt for a child. Every jar contains a different bug of sorts.
  • Cats
    Trip Around the World - Cats
    Trip around the World pattern for those cat lovers. Features cats and paw prints in purples and greens. Quilt size is 58" x 65" Machine quilted meandering in certain blocks.
  • Cats
    Christmas wall hanging
    These are excellent decorations and you can order them in a variety of sizes.
  • Log Cabin
    Friendship Star Log Cabin
    Friendship Log cabin quilt has been made in all sorts of colors. Depending on the way the block is placed creates a different look. Pictured here is a lap size.
  • Memory
    Memory Quilt
    This quilt was made in memory of his mom. The son picked his favorite clothes. I created this quilt out of only their memories. Boxers on top were made to be a pocket for other memories. Sleeves were added to keep him wrapped in Mom's Love.
  • Memory
    Memory Quilt 2
    Quilt was made out of mom's clothing. Her son picked out what he wanted to be placed in a quilt. Pockets were left open so they could be used.
  • Scrap Quilt
    Scrap Quilt
    Scrap Quilt with bright pink border and grey flowers. The back of the quilt is the same color as the small border. Machine quilted with the cotton candy pattern. 57.75" x 73.5"
  • Moose and Bears
    Moose and Bears
    Flannel Moose and Bears with trees in a navy blue, dark green, red and cream pattern. Machine quilted with a moose pattern. 56.5" x 71"
  • Snowman and Birdhouse
    Snowman and Birdhouse
    Snowman wearing a red hat and scarf standing near a birdhouse occupied by two cardinals. Green border with white snowman.
  • Variation of Friendship Star
    Variation of Friendship Star
    Just by moving the blocks creates a whole different look.